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Lincoln Alghanim sponsors the sixth edition of the 2018 Kuwait Yacht Show

Participants proudly exhibit the original Yacht on Wheels, The - New Navigator

As part of its sponsorship of the sixth edition of the 2018 Kuwait Yacht Show, the prime event in Kuwait for boat and yacht aficionados, Lincoln Alghanim, the exclusive dealer of the American luxury car brand, showcased a completely new Lincoln Navigator, a uniquely designed modern wonder that is renowned for its breathtakingly smooth performance and is equipped with the latest and finest technologies.

The prestigious event that was held on March 27 – 30, 2018 at Marina Crescent in Salmiya was inaugurated by the Deputy Prime Minister and Secretary of State for the Council Minister, Mr. Anas Al-Saleh, on behalf of His Highness Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak, who visited the Lincoln Exhibition platform during the opening.

On this occasion, the General Manager of Lincoln Alghanim, Mr. Nasr Aljairoudi, stated, "The Kuwait Yacht Show is the ideal partner for Lincoln Alghanim as it attracts yacht lovers in Kuwait and everyone who genuinely appreciates pure innovation combined with the most powerful and empowering land and sea vehicles in the world. Throughout history and around the world, Lincoln is forever known and celebrated for its luxurious design, velvet-smooth performance and matchless craftsmanship that all provide drivers with the demanded power and lavish space they want and need. This philosophy is exemplified in the All - New Navigator, a drive that is also known as the Yacht on Wheels due to its seamless design and interior spaciousness that is ideal for large groups. Just like sailing, the Lincoln Navigator continues to ride the waves due to its many and diversely significant benefits and advantages it provides to anyone who is behind its wheel.”

March 2018

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